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Why Adults Should Be Working Out on Trampolines

//Why Adults Should Be Working Out on Trampolines

Why Adults Should Be Working Out on Trampolines


Many of us have had some fun experiences with bouncing on a trampoline when we were kids.  Who remembers the feeling of bouncing high?  How about the feeling you had inside of you when you bounced? What draws children to want to bounce on a trampoline?  Have you ever seen the look in a child’s eyes when they see a trampoline?  That’s the look children have on Christmas morning also when they are opening up their presents.  Bouncing as a child when you had zero cares in the world, just brought you joy.  The good news is trampolines are back and a great form of exercise.


If calorie burn is important to you, the average female burns 9.4 calories per minute, while men average 12.4 calories per minute.  To put this number into perspective, the calories are nearly equivalent to running 6-mph pace on a flat ground or biking 14-mph.  Rebounding provides sufficient intensity to improve your cardiorespiratory fitness over time.  Rebounding will also improve your balance and spatial awareness.


Any type of exercise, such as walking, weight lifting or swimming, helps flush toxins in the lymph.  But rebounding is by far the most effective movement therapy for increasing lymph flow and draining toxins from your body.  Our lymph system moves up and down, so when bouncing that will move through the lymph system like no other type of exercise.  Every day we are bombarded with toxins in our environment and in our food which is why detoxification is such a critical process in your body.  If the detox is hindered, toxins will build up in your body eventually causing acidity and toxemia.  These are the root causes of nearly all disease.


Finally, it’s fun.  One of the main reasons people avoid exercise or do not stick to an exercise routine is because it feel more like a chore.  If you can find activities you enjoy, you will look forward to the workouts.  Exercise should be fun and make you feel good inside; it shouldn’t feel like a punishment for what you ate, or something you force yourself to do because it will make you look better.  Your body is meant to move, and finding ways to do just that is essential. When I am teaching class, I look around and everyone is smiling and have the “happy bubble effect.”


When bouncing on a mini trampoline, your core will be  working the entire time, since you are on an unstable surface.  Abdominal muscles are developed because your  is required to flex and release every time it bounces off a trampoline. Your core is primarily used when you jump on a trampoline, and the training can shape abdominal muscles more effectively than doing standard crunches or sit ups.  Also, the unstable surface will have your abdominal muscles tightening to keep you on the trampoline which also will improve your balance.

There are many more options for indoor mini trampolines than there were years ago.  The mini trampoline that we use at Bouncing Fitness is a bellicon.  The bellicon has bungee cords and the mat is designed to absorb all the shock and not your joints.  The mat is also designed to massage your feet so it is a double bonus.  When bouncing on these mini trampolines, it will be love at first bounce.

So, let the fun begin with bouncing.  Come and try a free trial class today.