I have been rebounding/bouncing for just over 6 years with my Bellicon. I didn’t fall in love with bouncing until I purchased my first Bellicon. It was love at first bounce. All of this led me to start a rebounding facebook group, which has over 1,300 members from all over the world. Once I started the Facebook group, I started filming rebounding videos for them to use. That is what led me to where I am today in opening my own Bouncing Fitness Studio.

I learned how creative I was in coming up with so many moves on the rebounder for not only bouncing but also for strength moves by using the rim for my resistance. I went to Chicago in April of 2016 to become certified as a Bellicon Trainer.

I opened the Studio to help others get into shape and to be able to have a better quality of life. Bouncing is for everyone of all ages. Rebounding is low impact workout with very high intensity since the mat absorbs all the shock and not your joints.



Cindy Krzykwa
Cindy Krzykwa
I took my first belly dance class in 2006 and loved it immediately and I have been studying and performing belly dancing ever since. My practice has increased my strength, balance, and flexibility.

I am excited to share my love for this feminine art form with you.

Cheryl Moroney
Cheryl Moroney
I have been working out for 43 years. That was the way I relieved stress with raising 10 children. Over the years, I have become a certified personal trainer, a certified group trainer and a certified

Bellicon Trainer. What is a certified Bellicon Trainer? A Bellicon is the brand of mini trampoline that I use at my studio. I started bouncing about 5 years ago and fell in love with it. I also have 550 rebounding youtube videos that I filmed for a Facebook Rebounding group that I started. I opened up bouncing classes out of my home in May of 2016 and then opened the Bouncing Fitness Studio in October of 2016.

Therese Dykstra
Therese Dykstra
I have been working at Bouncing Fitness since it has been open. It has been great meeting all of our wonderful members. I love watching our members improve and meet their goals!

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